Things that happened on October 30th

70 years ago today, October 30 1948, Cortie Wilson of PHS finished 15th at the 2nd IHSAA state cross country meet.  Wilson had finished first at the Hobart sectional with a state best time.  It was also the 2nd year that PHS fielded a team.  He was the first PHS runner to appear at the state meet.

It would be 23 years before another Portage runner would run at the state meet.  PHS runner would return to the state meet on October 30, 1971 when Coach Mick Cavanaugh would lead the Indians to a 4th place team finish at the state meet.  Portage runners in 1971 were seniors: Doug Pauley, Jim Brown, Al Vaught, George Livarchik and sophomores Larry McEwan and Tom Sanidas.


Wilson in top photo and leading runners in bottom

(1949 PHS Legend)

Wilson front row, 2nd from left.  Head Coach Dean Snider back row far left.

(1949 PHS Legend)

Vidette-Messenger headline after winning sectionals with state best time


4th place medal


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