Would you like to bring a group to see the Alton Goin Museum? The Museum is available for tours by appointment.
School groups and other small groups from Porter and surrounding counties have been visiting the Museum on tours for the past few years. Bring your group to the Museum to learn more about our local history.

Bring along sack lunches and have a picnic in the Countryside Park or even do a little fishing in the man-made, stocked lake.

Check out the Trager farmhouse, renovated in 2006. The authentic farmhouse is decorated and furnished in late nineteenth/early twentieth-century style. Visitors can come and see what a local, working farmhouse was like long ago.

If you would like to know more details or would like to schedule a tour, please call the
Alton Goin Museum
at 762-8349
Saturdays & Sundays
or The Portage Parks Dept.
at 762-1675