New Names·for Portage - Streets 1969

Streets Renamed in 1969


Chicago Street-becomes Blake Street
Hilldrive and Pulman Streets become Hickory Street
Eastern Avenue becomes Locust Street
Pearl and Center Streets become Kentucky Street
East Street becomes-Dombey Street
Summit Street becomes Indiana Street
Main Street becomes Summit Street
Center Street becomes Persian Street
State Street becomes Blake Road
Pine Street becomes Hickory Street
Erie Street becomes Locust Street
East Street becomes Kentucky Street
Francis Court and Lincoln Drive become Indiana Street
Main Street becomes Summit Street
Pullman street becomes Blake Road
Indiana Avenue becomes Hickory Street
Lake Avenue becomes Locust Street
Main Street becomes Dombey Road
Harold Avenue becomes Blake -Road
Lincoln Avenue becomes Plymouth-Street
Indiana Avenue becomes Hickory street
Lake Avenue becomes Locust Street
Main Street becomes Dombey Road
Hickory Drive becomes Hickory Street
Locust Drive becomes Locust Street
Joanne Court becomes Joanne Street
Arlene Court becomes Arlene Street
Ardell Court; becomes Ardell Street
Evelyn Court becomes Evelyn Street
Hobart Avenue becomes Ashland Street
Stirlen Avenue becomes Belmont Street
Frary Avenue becomes Elmwood Street
Fairfield Avenue becomes Brandt Street
Forrest Avenue becomes Willowdale Street
Main Street becomes Dombey Street
June Street becomes Brown Street
Marilyon Court becomes Elmwood Street
Miller Road (commonly called) Longfellow becomes Swanson Road
Unnamed street (commonly called) Chestnut becomes Chestnut Street
Longfellow Road becomes Swanson Road
Springfield Court becomes Woodward Street
Longfellow (commonly called) becomes Swanson Road
Fern (commonly called) becomes Peach Street
Cherry becomes Fern Street
Longfellow Street becomes Swanson Road
Glenrose Drive (N-S section) becomes Peach Street
Glenrose Drive (diagonal section) remains Glenrose Street
Susanne Drive becomes Fern Street
Carol Lane becomes Carol Street
Unnamed street (commonly called) Bryant becomes Brandt Street.
Petersonwood West becomes Peterson Street
Petsonwood East becomes Wood Street
Springfield Court becomes Woodward Street
McCasland Court becomes Newport Street
Oak Court becomes Sassafras Street
Walnut Court becomes Monnier Street
Elm Court becomes Walnut Street
Richard Court becomes Richard Street
Russell Court becomes Russell street
Tilford Lane (N-S section) becomes Sloan Street
Stone Road becomes Willowcreek Road
Cristy Court becomes Christy Street
Monroe Street becomes Crisman Road
Wipperwill Lane becomes Whipporwill Street
Bluebird Lane becomes Bluebird Street
1st Street becomes Blu bird Street
2nd Street becomes lake Street
3rd Street becomes Randolph Street
4th Street becomes Washington Street
5th Street becomes Madison Street
1st Street east Willowcreek becomes Whipporwill Street
2nd Street east of Willowcreek becomes Lois Street
Lillian Court becomes Eleanor Street
Teresa. Court becomes Teresa Street
Vivian Court becomes Vivian Street
Carmen Court becomes Carmen Street
Charlotte Court becomes Charlotte Street
Irving Street becomes Whipporwill Street
Lois Court becomes Lois Street
Eleanor Drive becomes Eleanor Street
Venus Drive (N-S section) becomes Teccemseh Street
Jupiter Court becomes Lakewood Avenue
Saturn Lane becomes Saturn Street
Eastwood Lane becomes Eastwood Street
Norman Lane becomes Norman Street
Jacqueline Lane becomes Jacqueline Street
Doretta Lane becomes Doretta Street
Pennsylvania Avenue becomes Pennsylvania Street
Capitol Avenue becomes Capitol Street
Kennedy Avenue becomes Kennedy Street
Congress Court becomes Congress Street
Executive Avenue becomes Executive Street
Ambassador Avenue becomes Ambassador Street
Indiana Street becomes Samuelson Road
Cherry Street becomes Lemon Street
Willow Street becomes Pear Street
Oak Street becomes Lime Street
Elm Street becomes Orange Street
Prairie Street and State Street become McCool Road
Arrow Lane becomes Arrow Street
Street between Brown Street and Engle Street becomes Ashland Street
1st Street west of Willowdale (Unnamed) becomes Brandt Street


Lakepark Avenue becomes Pine Avenue
Pine Place becomes Calumet Avenue
Indiana Avenue becomes Oak Avenue
Oak Place becomes Michigan Avenue
Wabash becomes Maple Avenue
151 and Maple Place become State Avenue
Locust Avenue becomes Clark Avenue
Lasalle and 152 Street becomes Indian Boundry
Lakeshore Drive becomes Indian Boundry
Maple Avenue becomes Wisconsin Avenue
Oak Avenue becomes Basswood Avenue
Park Avenue becomes Morgan Avenue
Grand Boulevard becomes Newberry Avenue
5th Avenue becomes Arvidson Avenue
6th Avenue becomes Indiana Street (entrance)
Harbor Drive becomes Stagecoach Road
8th Place becomes Kenwood Avenue
11th Avenue becomes Shirley Avenue
12th Avenue becomes Sharon Avenue
14th Place becomes Donna Avenue
15th Avenue and 13th Avenue become Sandra Avenue
14th Avenue becomes Plaza Avenue
15th Avenue becomes Marquette Avenue
24th Avenue becomes Concord Avenue
24th Place becomes Lexington Avenue
Mulberry Drive (commonly called) 25th Avenue becomes Mulberry Avenue
Oak Drive (commonly called) 25th Place becomes Royal Avenue
26th Avenue becomes Independence Avenue
26th (commonly called) 26th Place becomes Meadow Avenue
Bell Street becomes Bell Avenue
27th Court becomes Terry Avenue
Sherwin Road and 27th Place become Sherwin Avenue
29th Avenue becomes Stone Avenue
29th Place becomes Lark Avenue
31st Street becomes Robin Avenue
Unnamed (commonly called) Fitz becomes· Fitz Avenue
County Road commonly Clem Road becomes Clem Avenue
Grant Avenue becomes Sandra Avenue
Plaza Drive becomes Plaza Avenue
Dombey Lane becomes Railway Avenue
24th Avenue becomes Concord Avenue
Lundy Lane becomes Lundy Avenue
24th Place becomes Lexington Avenue
25th Avenue becomes Mulberry Avenue
25th Court becomes Royal Avenue
2nd Avenue (commonly called) 25th Place becomes Independence Avenue
4th Avenue becomes Bell Avenue
3rd Avenue becomes Meadow Avenue
27th Place becomes Sherwin Avenue
29th Avenue becomes Stone Avenue
29th Avenue becomes Stone Avenue
31st Place becomes Osage Avenue
31st Lane becomes Redwood Avenue
32nd Avenue becomes Buckeye Avenue
32nd Place becomes Tulip Ave
Crisman Road becomes Clem Ave
McCasland Road becomes McCasland Avenue
Unnamed street (commonly known) as Bruce becomes Bruce Avenue
22nd Place becomes Sand Avenue
Unnamed street between Evergreen and Bruce becomes Gary
25th Avenue becomes Mulberry Avenue
25th Place becomes Independence Avenue
26th Avenue becomes Meadow Avenue
29th Place becomes Danube Avenue
29th Avenue becomes Stone Avenue
31st Place becomes Osage Avenue
31st Drive becomes Redwood Avenue
33rd Court becomes Cedar Avenue
34th Place becomes·Birch Avenue
Sloan Road becomes Bishop Avenue
Springfield, McCasland, Newport and Houston Roads become Avenues
Elm Street becomes Lexington Avenue
Oak Street (north-south) becomes Monnier Street
25th Avenue becomes Mulberry Avenue
1st Unnamed street south of 25th Avenue becomes Independence Avenue
2nd Unnamed street south of 25th Avenue becomes Bell Avenue
Tilford lane (E-W Section) becomes Tilford Avenue
27th Court becomes Sherwin Avenue
Unnamed road between Bell and Tilford becomes Sunrise Avenue
North Street becomes Indian Boundry Avenue
Michigan becomes Colorado Avenue
Wabash becomes Forrest Avenue
Cottage Grove Becomes Wisconsin Avenue
Prairie becomes Basswood Avenue
Calumet becomes Morgan Avenue
Stanton becomes Newberry Avenue
Mockingbird Drive becomes Mockingbird Avenue
Meadowlark Drive becomes Meadowlark Avenue
Canary Drive becomes Canary Avenue
North Street becomes North Avenue
Main Street becomes Federal Avenue
Unnamed street behind the post-office becomes Swan Avenue
2nd Unnamed street behind post-office becomes Lexington Avenue
25th Avenue becomes Mulberry Avenue
27th Avenue becomes Sunrise Avenue
Lakewood Drive becomes Lakewood Avenue
Venus Drive becomes Venus Avenue
Venus Court becomes Tecumseh Street
Gaywood Avenue becomes Venus Avenue
Monument Drive becomes Monument Avenue
Potomac Drive becomes Potomac Avenue Perry Road Perry Road becomes Brandt Street
Kentucky Court becomes Kentucky Street
Federal Court becomes Capitol Street
Judicial Avenue becomes Liberty Avenue
15th Avenue becomes Portage Avenue
Street north of Park Avenue becomes Tree Avenue Park Street becomes Park Avenue
Robin's Road becomes Lenburg Road
Nottingham. Drive North becomes Nottingham Avenue
Nottingham Circle becomes Nottingham Avenue
Sherwood Drive becomes Sherwood Avenue
Nottingham Drive South becomes Elaine Avenue
Gayle Avenue becomes Bruce Avenue
Patricia Drive and Court become Patricia Street
Diane Drive and Court become Diane Street

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