1968/196 - Portage Youth Basketball begins

Submitted by: Bob Miller

In the fall of 1968, Portage no longer was associated with the Biddy Basketball organization.  The league went independent of that national organization.  The league would consist of nine senior division teams and 15 junior division teams.  In the tenth year of youth basketball in the Portage Community, the league had transitioned through a number of changes and would be named Portage Youth Basketball, the name that is still in use 50 plus years later during the 2019/2020 season.

Patch for Senior League Champs coached by Sam Maletta

(photo courtesy of Larry McEwan)

1968/9 Maletta team Senior League Champs.

Sammie Maletta would follow Larry Hedges as the League’s President for the 1970/1 season for several years.

1968/9 Senior League All Star team

The team would play other local community teams.

1968/9 Junior  League All Star team

1968/1969 season