1965/1966 – The Seventh Season

Submitted by: Bob Miller

The league would consist of 15 Junior league and 11 Senior league teams.

The League produced a pre-season handout with many facts on the league.

VM - September 26, 1965

In the 7th year of youth basketball, six associated with the Biddy Basketball association, only Bud Samuel, Neil Stout and Martin Wagner were still associated with the league from the first year.  It should be noted that during his first five years as a coach, Coach Wagner did not have a son playing for him.  Only in the previous season, 1964-55 did his oldest son begin playing for him.  During the 1965-66 season he had two.

If a team practiced at Garyton the team had the entire floor.  At Crisman, teams each had one end of the court.

The Ladies Auxillary was a crucial part of the success of the league.

A weekly standings sheets was handed out on Saturdays showing how teams had fared plus upcoming events.

Junior League 2nd place tournament pin.  The team was coached by Ron Pendleton

(Note: The team coached by Martin Wagner won the season and tournament.  The contributor was on the team that lost to the Wagner team in the tournament semi-finals)

(Photo courtesy of Ken Clements)

Rosters for Wagner and Pendleton teams.  Finalists Junior Leagie tourney 1965/6 season.  Clements, Lindner and Sabo would be members of PHS sectional championship teams in 1972 and 73.

Portage would host the state biddy basketball tournament, which was won by East Chicago.

VM - March 17, 1966

Portage did not allow members of 7th grade school teams to play Biddy Basketball.  Other leagues did not have the same rule.  Would it have made a difference in results?  Probably not, as the East Chicago team had two players who would later play for the undefeated EC Roosevelt IHSAA state champions in 1970 and one who would start on the undefeated EC Washington undefeated champs in 1971.  Al Vaught and Tom Taylor on the roster above were sixth graders who would go on to play varsity basketball and be members of the Indians sectionals champions in 1971 and 1972.

Maletta/Hedges Junior League team 1965/6

Front row: Andy Maletta and Bob Maletta  Middle row: Ted Lovell, Ken Jongsma, Scott Kearby

Back row: Coach Larry Hedges, Ken Hoham, Jim King, Dan Reynolds, Tom Crisman and Coach Sammie Maletta

Coaches Hedges and Maletta would also coach a successful Senior League team this year, finishing in first in the regular season.  Hedges would also be the All Star team coach.  Hedges would follow Bud Samuel as league president in 1967/8 and Maletta would follow Hedges as league president in 1970/1.

Seebauer/Lindstrom Senior team 1965/6

Front row: Coach Seebauer, Bob Velazquez, Bill Smart, Unknown, Ron Horner, Coach Sid Linstrom;

Back row: Bruce Leeper, Bruce Wighaman, Gary Reedy, Jeff Hewitt

Evans/Hughes Senior League 1965/6

(photo courtesy of Rob Evans)

Front row: Coach Bob Evans, Ray Skinner, John Smith, Bob Hughes, Jocko Van Wormer, Coach Ed Hughes

Back row: Ted Witherspoon, Rick Sills, Bill Kokotovich, Mike Lands

Fenske/Potts Junior League 1965/6

(photo courtesy of Terry Potts)

Front row: John Zorich  Middle Row: Dave Tribby, Terry Potts, Mike Ray

Back row: Coach Tom Potts, Lenny Smock, Lionel Humphreys, Gregg Doneff, Rick King, Coach Ted Fenske

(Note: these coaches also coached a Senior league team)

Jasper Junior League 1965/6

(photo courtesy of Kevin Lubold)

Front row: Jim Stanley and Kevin Lubold  Middle row: Jack Jasper, Gary McCormick, George Bassett

Back row: John Reynolds, Rod Daniels, Joe Howell, Tom Barns, Coach Jasper