1961/1962 - The Third Season

Submitted by: Bob Miller

In the third year the league had grown to 170 players.  A 70% increase from the first year.  Also, there were now up to 14 teams versus ten.  Youth basketball was here to stay in Portage.

VM October 30, 1961

VM November 25, 1961

VM January 20, 1962

Games were still played at the High School, although the gym at Crisman would also be used.

VM March 22, 1962

VM March 24, 1962

VM March 24, 1962

The league wrapped up in March with a third different team winning the tourney championship.

The league all-star team would play in the State tournament for the first time. East Chicago would win the tourney.

(Typo: should be Cowsert versus Cowert)

VM April 2, 1962
(Typo: should be Cowsert versus Cowert)

VM March 6, 1962

Coach Ken Seebauer team
(photo courtesy of Rob Evans)