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    I recently came across a Fifield Family history (at the museum) written July 5, 1920 by Mr. C. E. Fifield. I’ll try to decipher it the best I can.

    McCool, Indiana
    July 5, 1920

    Just a little history of the families of Thomas Hale Fifield & Elsie Carter Fifield & Henry Spuhler & Sarah Seph Spuhler

    On the 27 day of November 1827 in Enfield Co of Grafton N.H. there was a baby boy born, the parents most naturally thought this baby was the nicest thing they ever saw, as it was their first boy and they called him Benjamin. In the spring of 1833, when Benj– was 5 years old they emigrated to Province of Uper Caniday and settled in Loudon ___ town of Dorchester, where they lived until the year of 1841, hearing of the bright prospects of the far west they sold there farm and emigrated in a prairie schooner drawen by a team of horses to a farm located in Union township less than 8 miles from where we are now at. On this farm he lived with the rest of his family until he was about 26 years old he then purchased a farm in Portage township its natural state he there built a little house and started to build a home, now if you leave him on this farm building his little homw, and go with me to Alsens Germany, we will look in a little German cottage on the 22nd day of December 1834 find a mother very proud father & mother rejoicing over the nicesed baby they ever saw, as this is there first born, and that was a girl baby and they called her Sarah, when she was about six years old, her father and mother sold there belongings and started for the land of the free. The Grate United States, they landed in New York, after traveling by boat for 29 days, and located in Seacrause the State of New York for one year then goeing Washington township near Richfield, ____ there Sarah lived with her parents until she was about 18 years old in June 1852, she with a cousin working for a Mrs. Walker McCool and Sarah working for a Mrs. William McCool, receiving the sum of $1.00 per week with all afternoons of after 9 o.c. p.m. I just mention this showing the difference, of the way of living then than now She had a very good home with Mrs. McCool _______ and I have often heard her speak very highly of them, Now as we are back in Portag tp. as Mrs. McCool lived in Portage tp. we will naturally see Benj and in the year of 53 we see Benj and Sarah casting googe eyes across the Isles in the little old churches, and on the 9th of March 1854, Benj & Sarah was untied in marriage at the home of Wm McCools. One of the fond remberences that Mother has is that Mr. McCool folks had just as nice a wedding for me as they did for there own daughter, after the marriage they moved in the house that Benj had prepared for them in all most the same spot where the house is that she still lives in.
    To this union there was 7 children borne Thomas dying in infancy 6 living to womanhood and manhood. Each marrying and having families of there own on Mar 14 – 55 Walker was borne his family consisted of 9 children all married there is 24 grandchildren & 1 grate grandchild
    On July 25 – 1856 Alice was borne her family is 4 children & 15 grandchildren. Jan 15 – 61 Myrnas birth day her family consisted of 7 children and 20 grandchildren
    On Aug 5 – 68 Zack was born he has 6 children & 6 grandchildren
    On April 12- 64 Jessies birthday She has 3 children & 2 grandchildren
    On Aug 25 — 68 Eugene the last & the least was born he has one son
    Just 66 years ago on the 9th day of Masrch Father and Mother started to —- these 29 Grand Children 67 Grate Grandchildren and one Grate Grate Grand child making 97 Grandchildren
    4 children and Mother or a total of 102 with son in laws & daughter in laws includes a 132 living today.
    If our family should encrease in the next 66 years as fast as it has in the past what will the number be figer it out
    This is the 1st time for several years that we have undertook to get together on an occasion of this kind let us make this an annual occasion and I do not think we could have a more appropriate day than the 4th of July. I thank You

    AvatarKathy Heckman

    We also have a copy of a 19 page typed Fifield Genealogy

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